We specialise in the design of light and art installations (from conceptualisation to execution) with works particularly driven by the beauty of materials, both in its natural form and its transformative aesthetics under lighting. We also dabble in other design works such as graphics and exhibition design.

The Team

LiteWerkz is a design collective consisting of students, artists and engineers, passionate in designing and making public art and light installations. The team debuted with the first light installation at singapore night festival 2016 in its first ever open call, and have been participating annually since.

Members of LiteWerkz (old and new) and those who worked a great deal with us and provided huge support for our projects:



Muhd syahid tan, daniel yong, kerine kua, lai jun kang, tan wan ting, patrick khoo, chin joo ern, ong ying ying, yap zi qi, professor j. alstan jakubiec, hoo jian li, keith chia, cindy witono, lam yun en, natalie chen, elvin kee, benjamin ng, khaw jien yi, lim jiaren, pranjal verma, wang xiao tong, ian soon, zhi wei, michelle gouw, song youngbin, and everyone else who lent us a hand in times of need


Singapore university of technology & design (sutd), national heritage board (nhb), 3m singapore, aural-aid