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'Collective Memory'

'Collective Memory' questions the idea of the technological ‘obsolete’ in the context of emerging technologies for data storage, exploring the potentials for weaving together the physical byproducts of our digital evolution into a singular membrane of spatial coexistence.
Using recycled CDs as the main material of this installation, each suspended disc is interwoven into a mesh, transforming the Breeze Shelters into a shimmering landscape of reflected light. The assemblage of the individual memory from each disc provides a collective body for one to immerse in a novel spatial experience, where new memories can be realised.
The landscape of discs gradually lifts off the ground and peels skyward, reflecting in its mirrored surface the duality of its memories.

Photo: Fang yuan

- i light, june 2022 -



Recycled cd, fishing net, steel wires

Muhd syahid, jun kang, ian, michelle, zi wei, youngbin

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