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'Light tunnel'

The 'Light Tunnel' is a festive light installation designed for the Canopy Park as part of Jewel Changi Airport’s Christmas Festive Village campaign from October to December 2020. The tunnel features over 4,000 miniature LEDs carefully arranged to work in tandem, producing a mesmerizing and vibrant animated festive-themed light display at night, but also visible during the day. Spanning over 8m long and 3m tall, visitors would be immersed in an overarching light show as they stroll through the tunnel, accompanied by festive decorations and plants in the structure


- Christmas festival @ jewel, dec 2021 -


Steele mesh, welded stainless steel frames, 4,000+ miniature leds, pixlite 16 mk2 led control board, intel nuc, madmapper software


Jian li, jun kang

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