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'Memory lane'

'Memory Lane' is a vibrant intervention over the Macpherson canal celebrating the identity, life, and works of the elderly population living in Macpherson, which is often overlooked or not thought twice about by the everyday person. Memory lane responds to the general art style applied across the different HDB blocks in the area, translating the connecting space over the canal into a colourful viewpoint responding to light, while also functioning as a feature wall for the artworks created by the seniors.


Memory Lane is a collaborative community artwork between LiteWerkz and the seniors and volunteers from Care Community Services Society (CCSS). The inspiration of the work stemmed from the multiple engagements with the seniors of Macpherson to listen, empathize and celebrate their life stories and experiences in the neighbourhood. The stories were then manifested into a colourful floating gallery over the canal held by thin steel frames populated by manual custom-tinted polycarbonate panels. 

- Arts@Macpherson, 2021 -


Clear polycarbonate, mod podge, food colouring, mild steel rods


Muhd syahid, cindy witono

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