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In collaboration with 3M, LiteWerkz presents 'orbit', an interactive experience inspired by the solar system and the vast space beyond. At its center is an enormous light beam representing the sun, with smaller planets surrounding it in its own orbits. 'Orbit' presents a creative unconventional take on the use of retroreflective materials, attached to the surface of the planets which increases the conspicuity of the material to showcase different patterns and images as light shines directly on it in the angle of the visitor. Photo: Calvin chan, keith chia, natalie chen

- Singapore night festival, aug 2018 -


3M retroreflective film,  acrylic spheres, led strips, aluminium poles, petg collar


Muhd syahid, cindy witono, keith chia, jian li, yun en, natalie chen

Support: Benjamin ng, zi kai, jien yi

Special thanks: 3M singapore

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