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Plasti-city questions the notion of waste being only limited to tangible material objects. Could the phenomenon of light be “wasted”? Drawing its main source of light from its surroundings, the lights from overly lit buildings and pathways will be channeled into the polycarbonate shards resembling a city-scape. Embodying the light energy given off by Singapore's brightly lit buildings and further enhanced by its minimally lit light strips, the shards serve as a timely reminder of the light pollution in highly urbanised cities such as Singapore. With fluctuating light intensities, the plastic city-scape formed by the sheets serves as a re-imagination of Singapore's skyline, with buildings appearing and disappearing based on the viewer's perspective, emblematic of the city’s endless state of construction and regeneration, offering spectators an opportunity to see wastage in a new light. Media: Muhd syahid, cindy witono

- i light singapore 2020 proposal, may 2019 -


3M radiant films, plywood, mirror acrylic, paper, wooden dowels, white paper


Muhd syahid, cindy witono, ian soon, keith chia, zhi wei

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