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Our first project involving a mini light installation alongside branding collaterals was designed for a new hawker stall in Yishun featuring a pick-and-choose concept for its healthy-western grill cuisine. The design features the use of fire and meat as the main objects on black canvas and this idea is applied across all the collaterals, including the logo, with the intention of pulling the focus purely towards the significance of the western (meat) grill (fire) concept. The client requested to have a light installation to be the 'main attraction' of the stall. The stall was fortunate enough to have a small empty wall beside it where we attached a neon light illustration representing 'primegrill' which was small yet very bright and eye-catching. Photo: Afa'al hayat

- Primegrill, feb 2020 -


Neon light (red, orange, white), clear acrylic


Muhd syahid, natalie chen

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