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'#showerthoughts' is a modern-day translation of the classical eureka moment. The space explores the unexpected inspirational moment we often experience when showering. Upon entering the installation into the infinity room, visitors are unexpectedly greeted with boundless dark space, littered with moving lights. By utilising this spatial and sensorial experience, it recreates our mental spaces during a shower. The reflections on the mirrors ephemerally joins them with the space, inspiring them to take ownership and put agency into exploring their own moments and ideas. Photo: Alstan, calvin chan

- Singapore night festival, aug 2016 -


3M radiant films, plywood, mirror acrylic, paper, wooden dowels, white paper


Muhd syahid, daniel yong, kerine kua, jun kang, wan ting, patrick khoo, joo ern, ying ying, zi qi
Support: Jian li
Special thanks: Alstan j. jakubiec, priji balakrishnan

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