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'Symbiote' is an installation celebrating the juxtaposition of tension and lightness. An airy, undulating space is created from a culmination of tension and thin seamless white fabric. 'Symbiote' is also a response to the nature of night light installations where despite occupying a significant amount of public space, does not function as a usable space at all times of the day. They function at night as night light sculptures and gets cordoned off during the day, rendering it and the space it occupies to waste. 'Symbiote' functions as a pavilion and playground at all times of the day and bursts out into colour at night. Photo: Natalie chen, keith chia

- Singapore night festival, aug 2019 -


Cotton spandex, fabric mounting tracks, led strips,  stainless steel joints, pvc pipes, plywood, artificial turf


Muhd syahid, jian ji, elvin kee, natalie chen, benjamin ng, pranjal verma, xiao tong
Support: Jiaren, jien yi
Special thanks: Aural-aid

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