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'Tessellations of time'

In collaboration with 3M, LiteWerkz presents 'tessellations of time', an immersive experience designed to allow patrons of SNF to capture the beauty of memories and harness its portential to craft a better future. Each pod represents a juncture between the past and the future. They encourage the individual to consciously see into the present, to relive history and envision the future. In the hopes of remembering the brilliance of past years of SNF, people enter the pods, and exit with the hope to make next year a better one. Every link between the pods represents the exciting possibilities sparked when different individual paths in time intersect while they journey along the various winding routes of space. Photo: Calvin chan

- Singapore night festival, aug 2017 -


3M radiant films, 3M fasara films, pvc sheets, pvc pipes, 3d-printed joints, led bulbs


Muhd syahid, daniel yong, kerine kua, jian li, jun kang, wan ting, patrick khoo, joo ern, ying ying, zi qi
Support: Tenzin chan, pranjal verma
Special thanks: 3M singapore, alstan j. jakubiec

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